Indonesian Souvenirs Sport Tumbler 500ml

Tumbler Insert Paper Warna Hitam
      Bring your beautiful memories back to Indonesia with the latest release of the HxR67 tumbler sport insert paper, with three innovative designs making this tumbler a new way to keep Indonesia in mind wherever you are. Come on, scroll down your mouse. 

Insert Paper Tumbler Garuda
     Sketch of an eagle on a dark blue background. This sketch illustrates various natural and cultural riches of Indonesia such as one-horned rhinoceroses, proboscis monkeys, cassowaries and vultures. In addition there are also sketches of other basic beauty, Mount Krakatau, Borobudur Temple, Clock Tower and Toraja House.

Sport Insert Paper Tumbler Pariwisata Indonesia
llustrated illustrations of various Indonesian Pride tourist destinations complete with regional tourism destination icons such as the Yogyakarta Monument, Sura and Crocodile Statues in the City of Surabaya, Pangandaran Beach, Komodo Island, Gili Trawangan and of course Bali Island.
Sport Tumbler 500ml Peta Indonesia
      The third design is a Map of Indonesia with various images that form the landscape of the area such as Monas, Borobudur Temple, monkeys and cassowary birds.

Made In Indonesia

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